The text slang your kids are using RN

Gone are the days of ROTFL, LYLAS and ASL -- as children of the 90s have grown up, so has internet slang. If your kids' text messages look like an alphabet soup of letters and fruit emojis, here's the slang you need to learn, as compiled by child safety app Bark:

  • Fam -- Refers to someone who is a close friend
  • Lit/turnt/turnt up -- Something that's active or popular
  • SMH -- "Shaking my head," meaning "I don't believe it"
  • KMS/KYS -- "Kill myself" or "kill yourself"
  • Dabbing -- Reference to doses of cannabis, also a dance craze
  • Snatched -- On point, very good or well-styled
  • Netflix and chill -- Getting together and hooking up
  • AF -- Short for "as f***," used to mean "extremely"
  • Basic -- Used to refer to someone or viewed as boring
  • 100 emoji -- Signifies pride or general acceptance of an idea
  • Eggplant emoji -- Refers to the penis
  • Peach emoji -- Refers to the butt
  • Water droplets emoji -- Refers to sexual climax, often used in conjunction with the tongue emoji
  • MOS -- "Mom over shoulder"
  • 9 and CD9 -- Parents are nearby
  • 99 -- Parents are gone
  • WTTP -- "Want to trade pictures?"

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