Texas Litter Control offers of free spay and neuter services for cats

ByThe Atascocita Observer
Tuesday, January 13, 2015
Cats that are left outdoors during a cold night may seek warmth by crawling up under the hoods of cars or into the wheel wells.

Texas Litter Control is providing free spay and neuter services for cats.

On Sunday, Jan. 18, the "Fix a Feline for Free" day will take place at the Texas Litter Control clinic. Fifty cats will be altered for people who are on public assistance.

Cat owners who are on disability, Social Security, unemployment or food stamps will be eligible to participate. These services are being donated in loving memory of Annette M. Hoffman.

Pet owners who qualify simply need to go to the Texas Litter Control website and click on "Make an Appointment" or call 832-510-7622 to book an appointment for Sunday, Jan.18. Cats must weigh at least 3 pounds. Tame cats need to be in a carrier and feral (wild) cats need to come in traps. Intake will be between 7-8 a.m. and pick up times will be assigned as cats are dropped off. There is a limit of two cats per household and proof of public assistance must be provided at check in.

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