Texas GOP Chairman Allen West stands behind Pres. Trump voter fraud claims

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Sunday, November 8, 2020
Trump rally brings out hundreds in Montgomery Co.
Saturday afternoon, hundreds of cars, trucks and even a hearse were seen in Montgomery County where hundreds of Trump supporters rallied together, with many believing he should become the 46th president of the United States despite Joe Biden's projected victory.

AUSTIN, Texas (KTRK) -- The Chairman of the Texas GOP shared his reaction to the 2020 Presidential Election, saying the number of republicans in Texas will now increase after news of President-Elect Joe Biden's victory.

Republican Allen West compared Biden and Vice-President elect Kamala Harris to Barry Bonds, saying they will have to have a "permanent asterisk by their names."

West went on to say, "If the progressive socialist left believes for one minute that Texas will acquiesce to their collectivism and tyranny, they are delusional."

See his full statement below:

The news has been announced that the Democrat Socialists have found and counted enough votes to declare Joe Biden the 46th President.
Biden and Harris will be similar to Barry Bonds and have a permanent asterisk by their names. Americans don't like cheaters, and the perception of such lends itself to reality, just ask Tom Brady about Deflate=Gate.
Regardless, a Harris-Biden presidential administration serves to make my position easy. As well, Kamala and Joe will solidify the fact that Texas will only grow redder and stronger as America's leading conservative state. If the progressive socialist left believes for one minute that Texas will acquiesce to their collectivism and tyranny, they are delusional.

Texas was born because rugged men and women fought, alone, against tyranny. We will do so again, and lead America to do so, as well. And, in two years, Texas will lead America in delivering a resounding midterm defeat to the Marxist, Socialist, Antifa-loving left.
What happened to the Democrats in Texas this election cycle is only the beginning. It's time to "cowboy up" y'all.

As opposition continues to grow from both political parties, with several Republican leaders questioning the legitimacy of the election, Americans took to the streets in celebration while some were in protest.

In Montgomery County, hundreds of protestors were out Saturday, stating they don't believe the current predictions that indicate Trump's failure to win a second term.

One demonstrator was gifted over $100 in cash from the event hosts after they said he drove from Beaumont to Houston in a hearse which read, "COLLECTING DEMOCRATIC VOTES, ONE DEAD STIFF AT A TIME."