Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw returns to work weeks after emergency eye surgery

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Just weeks after undergoing an emergency eye surgery, Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw is back at work.

Earlier this month, Crenshaw shared on Twitter he would be "off the grid" for a while after having surgery to repair a detached retina. He had announced that the operation went well but that he would be blind for a month.

In a most recent update, in good spirits, the congressman shared his experience with his followers to give a glimpse of what he's seeing.

"I'm still alive. Still doing okay. Still can't see yet very well," Crenshaw said in a video. "Imagine putting on a dive mask, and of course blocking out half of it, and inject some kind of bubbly soapy solution into it so you're seeing through bubbles, and add Vaseline to the outside for good measure - that's sort of what I see."

Crenshaw adds that he has gone to various follow-up appointments by now and doctors are optimistic that his vision will return.

Prior to his 2018 election to Congress, Crenshaw was wounded in action during his third deployment as a member of SEAL Team 3, and lost his right eye in an IED explosion.
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