Teens accused of beating mother to death say they were sick of her parenting

LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- Two teens accused of brutally beating their mother to death say they were sick of her parenting.

Dakota Saldivar, 17, and Michel Wilson, 17, were arrested two weeks after the murder of their mother, Dawn Liebeg.

According to records, Liebeg was attacked while sleeping, KVVU reported.

Police say she was beaten with a hammer and then stabbed.

During an interview, Saldivar told police Liebeg screamed out for her sons to help.

Liebeg's mother told KVVU she knows her grandsons and can't believe they would be behind something like this. She also said Liebeg was buried in the front yard of her home.

Saldivar and Wilson currently face multiple charges, and will be tried as adults.

Their attorney says they do not plan to accept plea deals and want to go to trial.