Teen says medical condition led to her school suspension, not illegal drugs

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Teen says medical condition led to her school suspension, not drugs. (KTRK)

A Pasadena Independent School District student suspended for allegedly using drugs said it was a medical condition that got her suspended, not a substance.

Jazmin Garcia is embarrassed and humiliated.

She was suspended for being under the influence of an unidentified substance.

"The two police officers came and they did the pen test and the balance test and they told me I was under the influence of something," Garcia said.

On Friday, the Pasadena Memorial High School student didn't feel well.

"I started feeling dizzy and I put my head down," Garcia said. "I couldn't wake up."

Next thing she knew, she was in the nurse's office.

"The two principals, the nurse and the two police officers were telling me if I did something, just tell us, we're not going to do something to you," Garcia said.

She was suspended three days.

After leaving school Friday, Jazmin went to the doctor's and had a drug test.

"Everything was negative," Garcia said.

She said it wasn't drugs, but a medical condition that made her dizzy.

A year and half ago, she fainted at home.

"They started connecting me to everything," Garcia said. "They ran a lot of tests, and nobody knew what was wrong with me."

Garcia's mom brought the drug test, and prior medical records to school, but was told it wasn't enough.

A district spokesperson said Garcia will be able to appeal the suspension Thursday.

In a statement the district said, "The safety of all our students in Pasadena ISD is our primary concern. Pasadena ISD is unable to comment on any individual student discipline in accordance with law."

As for Garcia, she's ready to appeal the suspension.

"Do not judge people." Garcia said. "The school was saying I was under the influence of something when I was not."

Garcia and her family will meet with school administrators Thursday morning.

Her mom is considering moving her to another school. They are also considering suing the district as well.
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