Protestors rally outside of Sen. Cruz's house demanding action

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Dozens of community members rallied together outside of the home of Sen. Ted Cruz on Thursday afternoon to protest in what they call a day of community action in response to the inaction from congressional representatives and city council.

Nearly three bus loads full of demonstrators were said to have traveled to the home of Sen. Cruz. Many were seen on the front sidewalk drawing attention with signs, banners, loud chants and even a small band.

According to a media release, 11 different community-based organizations held a press conference Thursday morning to join in with the "Recovery Recess" initiative. The group states that they stand in support of canceling rent, stopping all evictions, and utility shut-offs amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Demonstrators were determined to get the attention of both Cruz and Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner. The group stated that they are demanding city officials to enforce Houston's eviction grace period ordinance to residents who may be behind on their rent.

"I'm joining recovery recess because we need to generate as much energy and support over the Congressional recess to win critical legislative victories in the immediate term and create conditions for more significant victories, both legislative and electoral, at the local and federal levels, in the future," said director of HOME Coalition and co-coordinator of the Recovery Recess events Chrishelle Palay. "Harris County deserves a solution that will protect our families from being thrown into the street in the middle of a global pandemic!"
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