Video games that turn 30 this year

Video games have a come a long way since they first hit arcades. With the recent release of a rebooted classic Nintendo Entertainment System, and rebooted Super Nintendo coming soon, retro gaming is getting an extra life.

Check out these classic games that are turning 30 this year.

"After Burner"
Get behind the controls of a jet and blast anything that comes your way. What could be more fun?

Shoot your over-the-top guns to take out wave after wave of extraterrestrial monsters in this classic side-scrolling-shoot-'em-up.

"Double Dragon"
The classic beat 'em up where you walk through the streets using martial arts skills to clean up the streets.

"Phantasy Star"
A revolutionary RPG game at the time, Phantasy Star featured 3-dimensional dungeons.

"Metal Gear"
Snaaaake! This stealth/action series is still going strong to this day, but the graphics are a wee bit better.

"Final Fantasy"
One the most popular and iconic RPG series of all time started 30 years ago. Feeling old yet?

Use your spaceship's futuristic weapons to take out wave after wave of enemies.

"Street Fighter"
That's right. Ken and Ryu have been shooting fireballs and uppercutting each other for three decades.

"Mega Man"
The blue hero (not Sonic) has appeared on over 30 different game consoles and shows no sign of slowing down.

"Wonder Momo"
If you were a fan of this odd game, you can check out the anime starring Momo that came out in 2014.

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