Report: Nokia bringing back iconic 'brick' phone

For those mature enough to remember the early days of the cell phone, you'll remember the iconic Nokia 'brick' phone.

The Nokia 3310 was simple: it made calls. It could send text messages. There was the addicting snake game.

End of list.

Popular memes circulating the internet suggests that the Nokia was the best of many worlds.

"Says that battery is low: runs for 24 more hours," reads one.

It's also known for its durability.

Another meme that was actually tweeted by Nokia reads, "Vibrates in your pocket: breaks your leg."

Another shows SWAT teams using the phone to break down doors.

Now, Nokia could be bringing the old staple back, according to a report by VentureBeat.

In addition to a number of other phone models, a version of the old 3310 could be on the way out. The phone's simple design could be a fan favorite not just because of the price (which is expected to be low) but also for those who long for a day without the thousands of apps... or even a calculator.
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