REMEMBER WHEN: Houston got a surprise snow on Feb 2, 1980

HOUSTON -- It was February 2, 1980. Houstonians were surprised with a little snow, George Bush was on the campaign trail against Ronald Reagan and six U.S. diplomats were in Washington after escaping from Iran.

It was only 1.2 inches of snow, but it was enough for kids to make snowmen and frolic in the snow. The National Weather Service called it a "freak occurrence." What started as freezing rain on Friday evening turned into snow by Saturday morning.

The big story making national headlines on that date was the escape of six U.S. diplomats from Iran. The diplomats wouldn't say at the time how they escaped from Iran. What we know now is that the CIA got them out under the ruse that they were Hollywood filmmakers in Iran to shoot a movie. The escape was the subject of the movie "Argo."

The six people went from Iran to Canada. A local sports store was selling "Thank you Canada T-shirts" and customers signed a giant thank you card to Canada.

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Six diplomats escape Iran, what we didn't know then was that the CIA used a ruse that they were a movie production team. The subject of the movie "Argo"

In 1980, there wasn't cable, DVD's, Redbox or video streaming. The only entertainment was on local channels and on this day in 1980 , the ABC13 "Million Dollar Movie" was showing "Godzilla vs The Monster Zero."

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The entertainment line-up on ABC13 was Godzilla vs Monster Zero and Hee Haw