'Most violent one': YouTuber living in Taiwan describes powerful 7.4 earthquake

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Wednesday, April 3, 2024
YouTuber living in Taiwan describes powerful 7.4 earthquake
YouTuber Prozzie says the powerful 7.4 earthquake shook his apartment in Taichung City, Taiwan every 20 minutes.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Video captures the moment a powerful and deadly earthquake struck the island of Taiwan.

The 7.4 magnitude quake hit the eastern coast during the Wednesday morning commute.

VIDEO: Powerful 7.4 earthquake strikes eastern coast of Taiwan; 4 dead, at least 57 injured

Television showed buildings in Taiwan's eastern city of Hualien shaken off their foundations. The quake could be felt in the capital Taipei.

To the west of the epicenter, a man living in Taichung City captured this video of the shaking from inside his apartment.

Prozzie is a YouTuber who's lived in Taiwan for the past six years.

"This one was by far the biggest one, the most violent one," Prozzie said.

The quake is the strongest reported in 25 years.

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"It's still kind of happening like my apartment, shakes from the aftershock. Every 20 minutes or so," Prozzie said.

He said people in his area were going about their day normally afterward.

"Seeing how the locals react to it made me feel a lot more comfortable. A lot of people sort of walked out of their buildings and checked on their neighbors and that kind of made me feel a lot more calm. But definitely as it was happening, I was like oh man," Prozzie said.

At San Francisco International Airport, ABC7 News spoke with passengers who were in the air as the quake struck.

Andy Lee and Winie Tsou, a couple from Taipei, was receiving messages from friends and family.

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"They're all fine, just have to clean up. The whole household got messy. Yeah, it's really scary," Lee and Tsou said.

They said earthquakes are common so most people are prepared.

"It's in the zone, but most people get used to the smaller ones. The bigger ones of course is scary," Tsou said.

Fremont, California resident Hsioping Pseng said his parents felt the quake 150 miles from the epicenter. He's relieved to hear his loved ones are OK.

"So we have some broken bottles here and there but good thing no one got hurt. What I heard from the messenger app, it looks like most of my friends they are OK," Pseng said.