Tacos with Texas twist wrapped up and served in south Philly by former Austinite

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Tuesday, November 1, 2022
Former Texan opens up taco restaurant in Philly serving fresh tortillas inspired by freshness of 'Home slice Pizza'
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You can take the man out of Texas, but you can't take the Texas out of the man. Former Austinite opens a Taco restaurant in Philly.

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (KTRK) -- Meet the business owner and former Texan living in Philadelphia. He just opened his brand new taco spot, "Taco Heart" on Passyunk Avenue in south Philly.

Nano Wheedan says his idea came from Austin where he spent at least 15 years. He was the first employee at one of Austin's most famous pizza spots, "Home Slice Pizza," where Wheedan says he experienced how homemade ingredients can make all the difference in the world. He says there's actually a huge appetite in the area for homemade tortillas.

"The whole time I realized that fresh bread made in front of you is something that is soul-feeding and people respond to," Wheeldan said. "And I knew that if I brought tortillas, the bread of Texas, back to Philadelphia, that there would be an audience for it."

He says it's what the people want, so he'll keep making his popular fresh breakfast tacos, wrapped neatly in foil and served with a side of homemade salsa.

"We specialize in homemade fresh flour tortillas that did not exist at all, basically until this restaurant," Wheedan said.

That not only applies to serving up a good meal but also running a successful business. That's how Wheedan came up with the idea of opening up his own taco spot. Plus, he missed his Texas favorites.

"For me, the breakfast tacos are an expression of love. They are the thing that makes me feel better about my day as I start it and in my chest, I feel like there is a breakfast taco," Wheedan said this is how he got the name "Taco Heart."

Wheedan said he was surprised at the amount of Texans living in Philly. The place has only been open a few weeks and already it's been a big success.

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