Suspected porch pirates in Richmond used U-Haul to take items

RICHMOND, Texas (KTRK) -- Within just a matter of hours, several neighbors living along Butterfly Garden Trail in the Richmond area were hit by some bold thieves.

Surveillance cameras of one resident captured thieves using a rental U-Haul truck to steal from them.

In a matter of seconds, the suspects would take off with anything they could get their hands on.

At first, victims like Margie McKay were confused, "I saw the chair in the yard, and I thought, 'jeez, what's the chair doing in the yard?' Then I thought, 'what did I do with my bench?'"

After seeing her neighbor's surveillance video, McKay quickly realized what had happened.

"I don't understand how people do things like this. Work and make some money and have a nice life, but don't steal from anybody else, it's just ridiculous," said McKay.

But the thieves didn't only target furniture. Neighbors say they also stole plants, pots, and signs.

"I mean these people planned it and they are petty," said Mary Atos.

For Atos, it wasn't only a potted plant, it was a lawn decoration with meaning.

"There are about three pots in a special stand. That special stand came from my mother and they're all passed away. They took everything," expressed Atos.

The alleged crime happened early Thursday morning.

Deputies now hope this video helps lead to an arrest.

Just in case it doesn't, and this group of four comes back, neighbors say they'll be ready.
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