Camera captures attempted wallet-grabbing at Bellaire construction site

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Suspect tries to grab man's wallet after asking for help (KTRK)

What was likely intended as an "easy pickings" robbery turned into a David versus Goliath confrontation.

And David won, more or less.

The robbery happened Thursday morning on Birch Street in Bellaire. Juan Zavala and his boss were doing work at a home.

Zavala had walked back to the work truck parked on the street, when security video shows a red Chevy Cobalt drive up and stop.

The driver motioned to Zavala.

"He asked for a dollar to buy gasoline," he said. "When I opened my wallet to give him the dollar, he grabbed my wallet."

That's when a tug of war began with Zavala holding on to his wallet and the suspect trying to pull it from his grip.

Consider that Zavala is 5'1" and his assailant at least a foot taller and many pounds heavier.

"Because we're little, people think we can't defend ourselves. But little guys can defend themselves, and we have heart," Zavala said.

"He's been working construction all his life," said his boss Javier Muniz. "He has a handshake like a steel grip."

Zavala nearly flipped his opponent.

Eventually the suspect left with only the dollar a kind man thought he was giving him for gas.

"I'm 60 and still working hard,and he tried to take all my money when I intended to help him," he said.

The robber got away, but Bellaire police have posted the video on YouTube to help identify him.

He's described as tall, in his mid 20s and has facial hair. He also has tattoos on his chest and the back of one leg.
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