Pinterest Super Bowl recipes put to the test

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Looking for creative ways to get your Super Bowl snack table to score points with your guests? Look no further!

ABC-13's Patricia Lopez turned to Pinterest to find some of the most popular Super Bowl recipes. She put them to the test in her own kitchen with her three kids to see if they were a Pinterest pass or fail!

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First up - Football Bread Bowl With Taco Dip

The key for this recipe is the French bread, as it called for three cans of refrigerated Pillsbury French Bread dough. First, roll out the first piece and create the base. Just as the picture suggests, connect the other two doughs and mold them into the shape of a football around the base.

Then, brush the bread with egg wash. Using a pizza cutter, trim the excess and use that to create the football's laces.

Pop that in the oven, and while it is baking you can brown the meat for the taco dip. The dip is only a few simple ingredients, and does not require any chopping.

Once the bread has finished, cut out the bread to make room for the dip. Then, transfer the dip into the football-shaped bread bowl.

Ours was a Pinterest pass!

Next - Watermelon Football Helmet

The first step is to cut four inches off one end of a watermelon and save that piece for the mouth guard of the helmet.

Then, outline where the face portion of the helmet will be and hollow out the watermelon. Once you do that, simply fill it with your favorite fruit.

Our helmet received a Pinterest pass, although the helmet might have been a little too high on the forehead.

Final Pinterest play - Football Chocolate Covered Strawberries

You can spend your time cooking chocolate in a double-boiler on the stove or you can buy a tub of Baker's microwavable dipping chocolate for $2.50. We went the cheap and easy route so that all we had to do was heat it up in a couple minutes and we were ready to dip.

Once the chocolate hardened, mark the football's laces with an icing pen.

All of ours turned out okay. There were a couple that look deflated, but we gave them a Pinterest pass anyway.

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