Sugar Land man chases away robbers who tied up family members during home invasion

SUGAR LAND, Texas (KTRK) -- An attempted early morning home invasion was foiled when the homeowner shot at the would-be robbers.

It happened around 7:22 a.m. on West Lake Drive in the Eldridge Lake subdivision of Sugar Land.

Ryan Nguyen says this unfolded while he and his wife were upstairs asleep. Downstairs, his father and uncle were getting ready to take his daughter to school, as they do every morning.

That's when three men in masks and gloves barged in.

"They tie my Daddy first, then they tie up my uncle and my daughter," recalled Nguyen. "And they take (my uncle) all over the house, and they ask, where is the money?"

Nguyen says as the robbers moved through the house, his wife nudged him awake, and he jumped into action.

"My wife says, 'Hey, we have a robber in the house.' And then I stand up. I open the cabinet. I get the gun. When I go to the door, I try to shoot, but my gun is not loaded. And I say, 'Run!' And I load (the gun) I go outside, I shoot two times, and they jump from the wall, and they run away," said Nguyen.

Sugar Land police say the robbers then jumped a fence and took off. Family members say one person suffered a minor finger injury, but everyone is OK.

Investigators believe the family was targeted because they own several businesses in the greater Houston area, including a pool hall and a car wash.

"They just chose this particular house, and there's some more information. This may have taken place in another state," said Sugar Land Police Chief Eric Robins. "We're going to share information and be very transparent. This is a safe community. There is no reason to feel this is going to happen again."

The home invasion is under investigation.

Editor's note: Sugar Land police initially said that it was a father and daughter who were tied up at gunpoint. At a press briefing, they updated their information to explain it was a grandfather taking his granddaughter to school, and only he was tied up, not the child.p
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