Get around power outages: Hurricane-time household hacks

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Power outages are likely to happen as Harvey drifts over the Houston-area.

We did the homework on ways you can get around outages when the lights go out and the refrigerator is out of commission.

For lights, a do-it-yourself lantern will do the trick. This includes using a flashlight and a water bottle to create a lantern effect. You can use a dollar store mini flashlight and an individual water bottle. A clear gallon jug can also be used for a bigger light source. Make sure there is water in your bottle before lighting up.

An outage can also darken where you walk. Glow sticks can be purchased from the dollar store to illuminate your path in hallways, restrooms and wherever you need to see.

If you lack a cooler, you can fill your washer with ice and use it to keep food cold. You shouldn't worry about the melting ice. Water will drain.

If you run out of AA batteries to use, you can use a strip of aluminum foil to fill the gaps using AAA batteries.

If your flashlight runs out of battery power, you can bring those popular solar garden lights indoors.

If you're not sure about the food in your freezer, you can freeze a cup of water and place a coin on top of it. Should the power go out and the coin melts to the bottom, you will know that your food defrosted.
You can also freeze jugs of water. When the power goes out, it keeps your food frozen longer.

If you have a propane tank for your grill, you'll need to get it filled so you can cook all that frozen meat that is thawing should the power go out. Charcoal will be key for other grills.

And if it floods in your home, you can use super-size and tall cans of vegetable juice or other food to prop up furniture in a pinch should water start to seep in.

Where is Hurricane Harvey most likely to knock out power?

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