Starbucks offering coffee ice cubes at select locations

Here's some tasty news iced coffee drinkers shouldn't pass up.

Starbucks is testing coffee ice cubes at select locations in St. Louis and Baltimore. Spokesperson Holly Shafer told ABC News that it was a "very small test" spread out over just 100 of Starbucks' 25,000 locations.

"It's one of several tests going on," Shafer said. "Our scale allows us to test things quickly to see what's next."

For 80 cents, customers can add ice that has been made from Starbucks coffee to iced espresso or brewed coffee beverages at the participating stores, according to ABC News.

If you aren't able to visit one of the participating locations, don't fret. Making coffee ice cubes is a relatively easy process. Simply pour leftover or fresh coffee into an ice cube tray and freeze.
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