Businessman fatally shot during Stafford poker game

STAFFORD, TX (KTRK) -- Stafford police say an invitation-only poker game among friends had two uninvited intruders. In the end, a Ft. Bend businessman was killed and another player injured.

The poker game was a recent weekly event, according to police, at a business in Stafford. Players were known to each other. The games took place in the evening.

At 8:32pm, according to the police report, two men, wearing masks, each carrying a long rifle, burst into the room where at least a dozen players were in the midst of a poker game.

The men ordered each person to empty their pockets and stole cash that was on the table. It's estimated some $7,000 was involved.

Police don't know what made the robbery escalate into murder, but at least two shots were fired. One man was grazed in the neck. The shot was fatal to another player.

Police confirmed the name of Don Leonetti, owner of Leonetti Graphics in Missouri City.

The business was closed Friday. Flowers had been placed outside the door. On the door was taped a message saying the shop was closed due to a family emergency.

Because the robbers were disguised, descriptions were minimal. Stafford police are examining security video from a neighboring business on Greenbriar Drive, and an image of the suspect's car may be on it.

There is no investigation involving the poker game itself. In Texas, it is legal to play cash stakes poker, unless the house takes a cut of the winnings, according to police. This is not believed to have violated that law.
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