Teen robbed at Spring ISD school bus stop

Thursday, February 18, 2016
Teen robbed at bus stop
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Teen robbed at school bus stop, Marla Carter reports.

SPRING, TX -- A 15-year-old is speaking exclusively to Eyewitness News after a terrifying ordeal at his Spring ISD school bus stop.

Jay says he went to his bus stop in December and was robbed at gunpoint by two men who demanded his phone.

"That's when another dude walked up like he was holding a gun and said, 'That's his, what you mean,'" he said. "And I put my hands up and said, 'You all go it,' that's when he took the phone."

Jay says the two suspects took his shoes at gunpoint. Along with the physical items, the two men also stole his sense of safety.

"Every time I leave I'm looking and when I see the coast is clear I just go," Jay added.

Grandmother Allineice Weathers says it's outrageous that kids are now scared to go to the bus stop.

"It's ridiculous that we're sending our kids off to school regardless of whether they have nice things or not, they're going to school to get an education and they're scared to go to the bus stop," Weathers said.

Jay says the thieves took a photo on his stolen phone and he was able to download it from the iCloud. As a result, Jay was able to trace the phone to a Spring address.

His grandmother took that information to law enforcement.

"Gave the police the pictures. Gave the police the address. He said he would forward it to a robbery detective. I have not heard from a robbery detective," Weathers said.

Spring ISD police says last week four junior high students were robbed after getting off a school bus.

Plus, robbers have targeted teens at a northeast Houston park on Wellington. Surveillance video shows teens pulling out a gun and going after a young girl. About a week later teens were seen at the same park, robbing a man and then his kids.

MUD District 22 plans to hold a town hall with Spring ISD and the Harris County Sheriff's Office to address the robberies. A date has not been set for the town hall.