Who is the mystery Astros fan that became an internet sensation?

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- If you don't recognize Moustapha El-Hakam signature Astros clap and stern stare at first glance, that's no surprise. After all, he pretty much looks like the corporate lawyer he is on any given day.

However, put an Astros jersey and helmet on, and he's instantly a viral internet sensation.

"Honestly, I didn't even think of being captured on TV at all," said the married father of four about his now GIF-worthy moment.

If you missed it, it was during Game 7 against the Yankees last week when the broadcast cameras turned for a moment on El-Hakam. There, dressed in full Astros gear with gloves, he was clapping enthusiastically for his team. From that moment, his phone began lighting up with friends who saw him on national television. Within hours, he became an internet GIF.

It turns out, El-Hakam first donned his outfit during Game 6. The Astros did so well, he decided to repeat the outfit in Game 7 for luck.

"When the Astros were up to bat, I would wear my batting helmet and gloves, but when Astros took the field, I took off off the helmet and gloves because I didn't want to share the mojo with the Yankees," he said.

Log onto GIPHY.com, and you'll see that El-Hakam's GIF has been viewed more than 80 million times.

El-Hakam says his only claim to fame at this point, was playing baseball through high school and then coaching his sons' teams.

"We work hard, we play hard, we love our children, we enjoy watching the Astros, we are so escatic for them," El Hakam said.

El-Hakam says he plans to don his lucky Astros outfit for the first home World Series game, he just has to find some affordable tickets -- first.

"As of yet, I have not been offered any tickets, I'll pay a fair price for them," he chuckled.

El-Hakam does have tickets to one of this weekend's games however, and he's hopeful his outfit will be lucky again.

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