Video of boy swatting football from J.J. Watt goes viral

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A video of a little boy swatting a football from JJ Watt has gone viral.

6-year-old Talon White is the kid behind it.

"I just made him laugh," Talon said, "And that's what makes me awesome."

Watt was going down the line of young fans, tossing the ball back and forth before Sunday's game. Talon took a page from Watt's playbook and turned it right around on him.

"I swatted him," Talon said, "And then he just fell on the ground, and then he tried to give me a high five and I did this (wags finger) so I just gave him a high five."

Talon has seen Watt do the same thing on the field countless times.

"He usually does that when he's on defense and the quarterback throws it," Talon said, "And then he just jumps up and goes, like, 'Ba-Boom!'"

Talon is starting a football career of his own. His father, Doug White, said he scored 25 touchdowns this season.

"He's a ham, obviously," Doug said, "He's just a fun kid."

Doug is friends with Texans player Jon Weeks, who talked with Watt after the game.

"I had a chance to talk to JJ about it, and let him know it was one of my little buddies that swatted him," Weeks said, "And he said it was one of the funniest things he's ever been a part of."

Talon has just one message for Watt:

"When you mess with me, you got a problem, that's all I know! Shut you down, Russell!" null
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