Ryan Fitzpatrick's son steals post-game show

Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for 358 yards and 6 touchdown passes Sunday, but it was his son who stole the show in the post-game interview. Fitzpatrick had a reporter ask his son to multiply two numbers in the 90s. After just a few seconds, Brady Fitzpatrick gave the right answer. So how'd he do it? Well, he might have really multiplied them in his head. We don't know. But here's how you can quickly do it.

When you multiply two numbers in the 90s together, First, consider how far each number is from 100. Let's take, for example, 93x96; 93 is 7 away from 100 and 96 is 4 away from 100.

Step 1: Add up the two numbers you came up with by subtracting each from 100. Add them up and then subtract the sum from 100. In this case, 4+7=11. Subtracting that from 100 gives you 89. That gives you the first two numbers of your answer.

Step 2: Multiply the two numbers that you came up with by subtracting the two numbers from 100. By multiplying 7x4, you get 28. That gives you the last two numbers of your answer.

Answer: 93 x 96 = 8,928

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