Pearland Little League players deal with new found fame

WILLIAMSPORT, PA (KTRK) -- Pearland's Little League All Stars are just one win away from the US championship game and are starting to draw crowds as they make their way around the complex in Williamsport.

When teams come to Williamsport they know they have to play well, what players may not expect is the amount of attention they get, and Pearland's players are getting a lot of attention and not everyone is happy about it.

Pearland's All Stars are in demand.

"I think it is really cool, we take that as an inspiration and everything," said player Conner DeLeon.

Everywhere they turn another fan is asking for an autograph.

Raffi Gross just signed a fans shoe.

"It's nothing much, just another autograph," said Gross.

Most of these fans are form Pennsylvania, but some of the fans came all the way from Pearland to meet their Little League heroes.

"They are just both really into baseball and to see it at this level and how the kids are very appreciative of the fans and they do everything the right way so it's a good learning experience for the little kids," said Pearland fan Doug Finniff.

As the boys keep winning they are also getting the attention from bigger kids too. Isaac Garcia's Instagram account is blowing up.

We asked him, "And you got some girls over here taking pictures too, what do you think about that?"

"Girls are always good," said Garcia.

While some parents don't mind, others say they plan to keep them in check.

"Let them just eat it up now, they still get whippings at home," said Pearland mom Lily Garcia.

Others are not so sure.

"As a mom, I am not so sure about that one, but it is cool and I am sure the boys are enjoying it," said Pearland mom Alicia Gutierrez.

Pearland will have to play its best game of the tournament tomorrow when they go against Lewisberry, Pennsylvania and 40,000 fans cheering against Pearland.
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