Local MMA athlete looking to bring bigger UFC fights to Houston

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- MMA athlete Alex Morono is on the top of his game. Many call him the Great White, for his shark like aggressiveness.

"I was sparring and we were doing a shark tank drill. It was more like a stylistic, kind of a cue there because I do attack pretty aggressively," Morono said.

Starting off on the amateur level and winning a few fights, he made a name for himself throughout the region.

"The more I won as a local professional, I was given more opportunities and main event fights. Then I won the Legacy Championship and sure enough, two weeks after that I got the call," Morono said.

That call was from the UFC, wanting a piece of Morono's talent.

"I fought Josh Berkman who is almost a 20 year veteran. I had been watching him fight since I was a teenager. So fighting him already was really cool. And then getting the finish was amazing. And then winning in Texas was great," Morono explained.

When he's not preparing for his next go-around, Morono is training the athletes of tomorrow. Coaching at Gracie Barra in The Woodlands, Morono teaches students the art of Jiu Jitsu -- techniques that develop respect and discipline.

"Jiu Jitsu, you have to learn like how to fight out of uncomfortable positions, you have to work away at a submissions, you have to learn how to lose," Morono said.

For Morono, his only fear is father time.

"One day I'm going to get too old to do this and have to retire. I guess it's the only thing I'm really afraid of, but that's just life. That's going to happen, but fearless in the ring no matter what," Morono said.
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