Legally blind girl wrestles for her high school

RALEIGH, NC (KTRK) -- Liana Mutia is legally blind and also pursuing a new-found passion for wrestling at her North Carolina high school.

She told local station WNCN that she doesn't think she's anything interesting, but the fact that she's a female playing a largely male sport is just one element of the unusual situation. She also can't see her opponents.

Liana has been losing sight since her sophomore year. Judo is her primary sport but Liana wanted a new challenge. Wrestling provided that. In practice and in matches, her opponent is required to always keep contact with her. That's the only "advantage" Liana is given.

But being blind has one surprising advantage for Liana. She explained, "I mean it's less scary not knowing what they look like anyway."

She's done quite well in her first year of varsity wrestling: four wins against six losses.

But Liana isn't counting. She said, "Wrestling kind of distracts me from my eyesight I guess. It makes me feel pretty normal."
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