Jimbo Fisher to Aggieland: How did the deal happen?

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KTRK) -- Jimbo Fisher is set to become the next head coach at Texas A&M. According to ESPN, Texas A&M officials have approved a 10-year, $75 million contract for Fisher, which is the richest deal in college football history in terms of total value.

ABC13's Greg Bailey breaks down how this move possibly happened:

That's the big picture quote as I called college football sources after landing in Baltimore with the Texans last Sunday, and Fisher to A&M hit the home stretch.

The early reports that the Aggies had a deal in place for 5 years and $7.5 million were never accurate -- I said that on-air Sunday on ABC13. Fisher had too much guaranteed money at Florida State to make that remotely possible.

That leads us to Fisher's contract at A&M. People were telling me all along the deal would have to be guaranteed money to lure him from FSU. So when I started hearing 10 years at more than $7 million per season, I was sure there was no way A&M would guarantee that. Except many now believe the Aggies have done it, or something close to it.


Texas A&M athletic director Scott Woodward has sold the concept that this is "what it takes." Suddenly Fisher's move to A&M would make more sense. So does the refusal to believe this was possible -- from Tallahassee and points around college football. Fisher will receive more guaranteed money than he was due at Florida State. FSU was committed to pay Fisher more than $50 million when that contract was put in place last December. In comparison, when Nick Saban got his new contract at Alabama, the buyout was reported at $27 million if Alabama fired Saban without cause.

This is what the move to the SEC was all about. The groundwork for hiring Fisher was put in place years ago by putting elite facilities in place.

People will look back and understand this is why A&M hired athletic director Scott Woodward. The man who got Chris Petersen to leave Boise State for Washington has done it again.

By the way, look at the Huskies now.

And incredibly, the Aggies have the money to make this happen. How much cash will they have if Fisher delivers teams at A&M like he had at Florida State? This is the end of one phase and the beginning of the next.

The Jimbo Fisher era begins in Aggieland.

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