From the World Series to 'Thursday Night Football,' it's Philadelphia vs. Houston

ByTory Barron ESPN logo
Thursday, November 3, 2022

Things that are currently fun about being a Philly sports fan: ThePhiladelphia Philliesare two wins away from aWorld Seriestitle and thePhiladelphia Eaglesboast a 7-0 record heading into Thursday's matchup with theHouston Texans.

Likely less fun? Your quarterback is rooting for the opposing city's baseball team. Yes, in case you missed it,Jalen Hurtsis aHouston Astrosguy.

Hurts was born in Houston and grew up about 25 miles from the Texans' NRG Stadium.

Unfortunately for Philly fans, the Astros are well aware of Hurts' fandom. After evening the series in Game 4 -- by completing thefirst combined no-hitterin postseason history -- Houston's Twitter account utilized the conflict of rooting interests to chirp at their rival.

Too easy.

Since the Eagles remain the NFL's only undefeated team while stringing together thelongest active regular-season win streak(10 games), it's likely Philadelphia fans will look past this grievance.

The Texans also might have inadvertently softened the sting on Thursday when they instructed their fanbase to wear a color they share with the Phillies to their showdown with the Eagles.

The road to a eliminating a home-field advantage is paved with good intentions.

Earlier in the week, the Eagles' Twitter account displayed support for the Phillies with a well-timed Oprah GIF (you know the one) amid a flurry of home runs in Game 3.

After thePhillies tied the recordfor most taters hit in a World Series game, blasting five in the 7-0 win, the Eagles got involved again with some 7-0 solidarity.

Nothing brings a city together quite like winning.

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