Astros still humble after winning World Series

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Astros still humble after winning World Series (KTRK)

So far, winning the World Series hasn't affected the Astros.

No big heads or inflated egos, they're all working hard to repeat.

Pitcher Charlie Morton, one of the heroes from Game 7 against the Dodgers, is "still Charlie," which includes a lot of calm and quiet.

First thing Charlie does every morning before heading to the ballpark is check on us three small children, ages 4, 2 and 1 to see if his wife needs any help.

Morton pitched the game of his life in Game 7 against the Dodgers, but he's still as humble as ever and that can be attributed to some life lessons.

"One game or one season to really change me a lot, I know how fickle it can be, whether or not it's performance-related or health-related," Morton pointed out. "Life in the game will humble you."

Morton's quiet nature has proved to help him become cool and collected, which is perfect for big game situations. He's picking up where he left off. For him it's all about getting better and making adjustments. Charlie has never lacked confidence and he certainly doesn't now.
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