Texas Wesleyan University baseball coach won't recruit from Colorado

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Thursday, March 1, 2018
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College baseball player says Wesleyan University coach refusing to recruit players from Colorado.

CENTENNIAL, Colorado (KTRK) -- A high school baseball player looking to play in college is shocked by an email from the head baseball coach at Texas Wesleyan University.

Gavin Bell has been sending dozens of emails to college coaches hoping to get recruited.

Bell said some of the coaches respond, some of them don't.

But it's the response he got from coach Mike Jeffcoat that shocked him.

The coach said he's no longer recruiting athletes from Colorado because of the state's pot-friendly drug laws.

He went on to write that players from the state have had trouble passing the school's drug test. So, they've made the decision not to take a chance on student athletes from the state.

Jeffcoat wrote, "You can thank your liberal politicians. Best of luck wherever you decide to play."

Bell said he's sad the school wouldn't take a chance on him because he's a good student athlete.

The university in Fort Worth said the coach's comments don't reflect its values.