Houston woman tries to reunite sentimental fingerprint necklace with its rightful owner

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A local woman is on a quest to reunite a meaningful piece of jewelry with its rightful owner.

She says she found it at Bush Intercontinental Airport this week in Terminal C and she knows it's very special because of what it has on it.

Angela Grey is patiently waiting for the right owner of a fingerprint necklace to contact her.

"I even placed in on a box, because I know how much it means (to the owner)," Grey said.

She found this necklace on Oct. 2.

"I came home with it, thought maybe I would find someone on Facebook that would be looking for it," she said.

No one has reached out yet, but she's not giving up because she knows someone out there is truly missing it for a special reason.

The silver necklace has a square pendant with a fingerprint that she believes may be someone's loved one who passed.

"I have one myself and it means so much to me. I mean I have a piece of my nephew with me... I just want to get it back to the owner," she said.

Her nephew passed in 2015 in a bad accident. She was able to get his fingerprint in a necklace of her own, so she knows this is more than just a necklace.

"When you lose someone, that's all you have left is that fingerprint," Grey says. "I know that whoever lost it, you know, they are hurting. They want it back."

Grey says that aside from the fingerprint, there is a date on the back.

But she is holding back on releasing that information, because she wants whomever claims it to identify it.

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