Woman becomes dine-and-dash victim after online date

A California woman has a warning for women who decide to meet men online.

Diane Guilmette says she went on a date with a man she met on the dating site "Plenty of Fish."

He invited her out to dinner, showed up, ate, and then dashed - leaving her with a $163 restaurant bill.

"He ordered a lot of food. He had an appetizer. He ordered a steak," Guilmette said. "When we got near to the end of the meal, not quite finished, he said he had to go make a phone call."

About 15 minutes later, Guilmette said she realized he wasn't coming back.

She posted pictures of the man on social media.

He's now faces charges of petty theft.

Despite the dine and dash, Guilmette said the experience hasn't scared her off from dating, but she said she does want to warn others to be on guard. null
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