Big spider spotted among bluebonnets

Bluebonnet photos are a tradition for many people in Texas during the spring, but beware. You never know what could be lurking among the flowers when you're posing to get that perfect picture.

Eyewitness News Reporter Pooja Lodhia was in Chappell Hill, just off of Highway 290. She was taking photos in the bluebonnets when she spotted what appeared to be a tarantula walking among the flowers.

" should probably not move. I think there's a tarantula about an inch from you," Pooja's friend said.

Yikes! was the reaction for most of us in the ABC13 newsroom, but Pooja didn't seem scared. She and a friend continued to record the video and take more photos, even taking a selfie with it.

"I guess we should have been scared, but it seemed so docile. We started playing with it, and even tried to show it to other people out there, but for some reason they weren't interested," Pooja said.

"I figure if you're going to be hanging out in a patch of flowers on the side of the highway, you gotta expect to find the unexpected," Pooja said.

ABC13 recently visited Chappell Hill, one of the most popular spots in Texas for bluebonnets.

WATCH: Inside the majesty of Chappell Hill's bluebonnets

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