Tips to prevent auto break-ins and thefts this Super Bowl

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The city of Houston has seen an 11 percent jump in car burglaries in the past year.

On average, 2500 break-ins are reported every month.

That includes 3 break-ins in recent days, related to the Super Bowl.

One is said to have happened at a restaurant on Richmond, and the other two reported inside the loop.

Monday, Houston Police and DPS implored visitors to not only lock their cars, but also leave anything they want to keep safe at home, or in their hotel rooms.

"It's the most preventable crime of all," said HPD Auto Theft Captain Robert Manzo.

Sargent T.A. Hicks is one of those who see problems in the making.

"I walk by cars and look in the window, and I see cell phones, computers. If you have a clean car, meaning there's nothing to take, the thieves will move on to the next car," he said.

The break-ins are said to be most common in mall parking lots, outside apartment complexes and night clubs, inside parking garages, and during public events.

Discovery Green is hosting one of those huge Super Bowl fan events, which means opportunity not only for car thieves, but any kind of thieves, looking for 'soft targets.'

That's why law enforcement is being placed in strategic areas.

Outside the convention center, the Sheriff's Office has surveillance from an elevated camera stand, sometimes assigned to mall parking lots.

DPS and FBI will also being assisting in the public safety effort. null
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