Fort Bend residents complain of foul stench they claim is from a landfill

Some residents in Fort Bend County claim a foul stench, in the air is coming from a nearby landfill and they want something to be done to get rid of the awful smell.

"Vomit," said Nicky Stavinoha, a resident who lives a half mile away from the landfill. "That's probably the best way I can describe it."

Stavinoha's home is about a half mile away from the Fort Bend County landfill and claims her home is constantly surrounded by the stench depending on which direction the wind blows.

"And it not only penetrates outside the house, but also into the house," she said.

Several other neighbors claim they have the same problem and tell ABC13 Eyewitness News the smell even infiltrates the campus of a local school.

Complaints have been submitted to the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality, as well as to the landfill directly.

Eyewitness News reached out to the WCA Waste Corporation - who owns the landfill - regarding the smell complaints, and they responded with this statement:

"We've been in compliance with the state air and water rules, which is evident in the state's oversight of the landfill."

ABC13 also reached out to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, who says 105 complaints have been filed during the last two years regarding the landfill, and 102 were concerning the odor.

So far, 17 investigations have been done that resulted in two violations and there are currently three ongoing investigations in response to the odor complaints.

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