Queen Elizabeth as a child seen in video giving Nazi salute

LONDON, England (KTRK) -- People across the world are giving mixed reactions to a controversial photo of the queen giving the Nazi salute as a child.

This photo was published by British newspaper The Sun. The paper somehow got hold of the royal family's home movies from 1933. The queen was just 7 years old at the time the video was shot. The young royal is seen playfully giving the salute with three other royal family members.

Most people in London say they're not so upset over the photo -- just more confused as to why the paper would print it.

One person said, "It's a real shame that they had to put that out there but people will do anything to sell papers."

Another said, "She was too young to realize what she was doing and she was being influenced by older people."

Buckingham Palace calls the release of the video a "disappointment" and says they hope the public puts the film in context.
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