Officers surprise 5-year-old after no one attends birthday party

CHARLESTON, West Virginia (KTRK) -- Police came to the rescue when no one showed up to a little boy's birthday party.

Cameron's mom Katijo Zornes sent out 50 invitations to his preschool friends for his 5th birthday. The decorations were set and the food was ready, but no one showed up.

Zornes posted a picture of the empty party on Facebook and invited the community to stop by.

"They were at the park and here shows up four Charleston police cruisers with their blue lights flashing. Of course, their first reaction they were like 'Oh my gosh, what is going on?'" Sgt. Steven Webb said.

Zornes said she thought the officers were there responding to a call.

"I was afraid someone was getting arrested," Zornes said.

Four police cruisers turned on their blue lights and drove up to Cameron's party.

"He came running over towards us and we gave him his birthday presents and he lit up as much as our lights did," Webb said.

The officers didn't show up empty-handed. They brought Cameron presents and let him sit inside the cruiser.

By the end of the party, Cameron had visits from Kanawha County EMTs and the Marmet Fire Department, plus numerous parents and children leaving the family humbled by kindness.

"Grateful is not a word. He went from crying because no one showed up to having a ball and I was crying because everyone showed up," Zornes said.

Zornes said about 30 children ended up showing up to the party and Cameron spent the afternoon making new friends from all around the area.
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