Mom creates business based on her love for walking

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A few years ago after having a baby, Chandra Attayi wanted to get back in shape but she wasn't ready.

So, she hired Urban Paths Wellness and Nutrition coach Laura Conely.

"I walk. You're looking at my office here. I walk on trails throughout Houston. I walk with clients one-on-one. I walk with lead group walks. I do walking book club walks. I lead walks throughout Houston for businesses and individuals," Conely said.

It was a business Conely created after turning 50 years old and spending hours outside.

"I just saw that while going through rough times in my own life that walking was a healing time for me," she said.

Conely quickly realized how much of an impact being outdoors was for her clients.

"Being in nature will always shift the mood and open people up to learn about themselves and become healthier," she said. "A lot of the metaphors around walking - taking the next step - come to life when we're out walking."

Her coaching helps clients, like Attayi, with personal growth.

"When I first came to meet Laura, I wanted a six-pack and these big thick legs and this really muscular body, but as you can see I'm naturally very thin, and she really taught me how to love myself where I am at.

Conely said this is common.

"They often come to me with what they think they want to do. I think they quickly understand that it's more of an acceptance of who they are."

For Conely, it's about making an impact on peoples' lives - like Atayi's. She said she should couldn't think of a better career for her 50s.
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