Group of volunteers help those fighting cancer

COLD SPRINGS, TX (KTRK) -- Cancer affects millions of people each year and the feeling of helplessness can be overwhelming but for this group of ladies, the hope is to make a difference in their lives, one care package at a time.

A group of ladies of the First Baptist Church of Cold Springs are on a mission. To bring comfort to the long list of cancer patients that belong to these "Angels in Action."

"We have such an amazing community and loving church, if you say something needs to be done to help somebody they are there," said volunteer Linda Currie.

Currie started the local chapter in the fall of 2010 to help continue the dream of Paul Patropolous, a friend and cancer victim.

"I put volunteer forms in the foyer and probably 35 to 40 ladies filled them out immediately," said Currie.

And each month the volunteers gather to create, pray and encourage cancer patients to know they are not alone.

"It helps them to know they are thought about and prayed for and that there is somebody there that isn't going to forget that they have cancer but every month we are still there with them going through the battle," said volunteer Carol Snell.

For cancer survivor Karen Lilley, it's personal

"I had breast cancer in 2007, reconstruction in 2008 and in 2011 colon cancer loomed its ugly head. But I've been very blessed, he went in and took out 18 inches of intestine sent me home and I've been well ever since," Lilley said.

And knowing how lucky she is, is what gives her the drive to give back, from cooking meals

"We've had as many as a hundred and we are always glad for them to come, if we have left overs they take those home with them," said Lilley.

To spending time alone writing letters of hope

"When I'm home when it's quiet I can take that name and see what their situation is and write a little more personally to them in each card," said Lilley.

These angels are lifting the spirits of people in need one blanket at a time.

"Every time we send a card or every time we put a blanket in box we pray over that, as we are cutting it, we pray over the cards as we are making them that they will go to the right people and that the card and the message in it will be just what that person needs that day," said Currie.

Angels in Action has made such an impact on the lives of patients that calls have come from physicians all over the country personally thanking them for making a difference in the recovery of their patients.

To volunteer or donate to "Angels in Action" go to the organization's website.
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