Widower finds dollar bill signed by wife years after accidentally spending it

HARTFORD, CT (KTRK) -- When Peter Bilello and his wife of 50 years were younger, they both decided to sign a dollar bill as a gift to one another.

"I signed one and she signed the other one, and I said 'this dollar is going to be in my wallet forever,'" the 86-year-old told ABC affiliate WTNH, calling the two dollar bills a symbol of their love.

But then five years ago, Bilello made a mistake. He was out shopping, and he accidentally spent that precious dollar bill signed by his wife, Grace.

The timing couldn't have been at a worse time. A few months later, Grace died of breast cancer. Bilello was heartbroken.

Then came the miracle.

Bilello took his granddaughter out to eat. His change was three dollars. One of those bills: His wife's dollar he mistakenly spent all those years ago.

Signed dollar bill

"I never thought I was going to get that dollar back again, never," Bilello told WTNH. "I believe (in miracles) too. The first thing I said, 'Grace, she did this to make me happy and her to be happy too.'"

Bilello says finding the missing bill with his wife's signature helped mend his broken heart. He says he will never lose sight of that dollar again. null
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