Beachgoers reminded of hot temperatures and water safety for Memorial Day

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Thousands of people migrated to Galveston this Memorial Day after reports of high temperatures and clear beach water.

ABC13 reporter Pooja Lodhia spotted many beachgoers putting on a lot of sunscreen and drinking tons of water.

Other people set up tents to stay shaded from the scorching sun.

"I like to sweat. This is the place to be," visitor Joan Holy said.

Officials said close to 50,000 people celebrated Memorial Day on this island this year.

There's also more than 100 lifeguards on Galveston Island today, due to the high volume of calls.

In a typical year, lifeguards receive about 110,000 rescue calls, but just yesterday they received 12,000.
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