5 things you don't know about David Tillman

1. David is a huge basketball fan. He played in high school and tried to in college, but was cut. (His career went the right way we think). Also, his 6'10" son plays college ball in Arkansas. David frequently takes crazy cross country road trips to see him play.

2. David's favorite place to shop is the hardware store. We guess the fragrance of fresh lumber suits him better than clothes or food. Well, maybe not food.

3. Before his television career took off, he spent nearly 10 years in the automotive industry. He did just about everything from fixing cars to selling them. He was even a repo man for a while. Some of his repossession stories are legendary.

4. His two favorite foods just happen to be the tastiest, but most fattening and unhealthy foods you can eat. Grilled chicken fettuccine Alfredo and pecan pie. He tries to limit his indulgence to once every three months or so, and never in the same meal.

5. His favorite storm of all time is the 1982 St. Louis snowstorm. On Jan. 28 of that year, heavy rain turned into heavy snow with lightning that lasted all night. Twenty-four inches of snow fell. That was enough to close down the city and keep kids out of school for more than a week. Unfortunately, the kids paid for it by not getting out for the summer until June 20.

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