Get kickin' in Humble with new 'foot golf' hybrid game

HUMBLE, Texas (KTRK) -- What happens when you combine the athleticism of soccer with the precision of golf?

You get foot golf.

"You can do that with a soccer ball?" jokingly asked former pro golfer Phil McClellan. "They said, 'You can do all sorts of things,' and my question was, 'Why?'"

McClellan purchased Humble Golf Center in 1994, but over the years, he's gotten rid of golf altogether.

Now, it's the area's first foot golf course.

"We were doing 30 rounds of foot golf to every one round of golf," explained McClellan. "The cost of building a golf course is expensive. The cost of a foot golf course is not near as expensive and you don't need the short grass."

The rules of foot golf are simple: get the ball into the hole in as few kicks as possible.

Players use soccer balls on a traditional golf course using a regulation No.5 soccer ball with 21-inch diameter cups.

The rules largely correspond to the rules of golf, according to the Humble Golf Center's website.

The center, located on N. Houston Avenue, has 18 holes and is designed to be able to play both traditional golf and foot golf simultaneously. People of all ages and abilities can play safely.

Former soccer player Oswaldo Gallego says he brings his family to the Humble Golf Center and uses foot golf as exercise.

"When I retired, I felt like it created a great opportunity to continue to do what I used to do in a way that's less dangerous," said Gallegos.

To learn, visit the Humble Golf Center's website.

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