Sketch released of man accused of robbing and sexually assaulting Sam Houston student

HUNTSVILLE, Texas (KTRK) -- On Sunday, a Sam Houston State University student was bringing home extra pizza from a Super Bowl party where she had watched the game with friends.

Police say someone was watching her as she walked to her off-campus apartment in Huntsville, where other students live.

"She walked inside, and closed the door," said Huntsville PD Det. Everett Harrell. "He knocked, and asked if one of her roommates was there. It was a deception to get inside."

Harrell said the suspect held her at gunpoint, robbed her of what money she had, and after that, sexually assaulted her. He then forced her to drive to several ATMs and withdraw more cash.

"He told her he'd kill her if she tried to get away, if she called police, and said he knows where she lives," Harrell said.

A few minutes later, police got the 911 call. By then, the man was gone. It's not known if he left on foot or had parked his car nearby.

The student gave information to create a sketch of her attacker's face. He's described as an African-American male, 5'9" to 5'11" with a thin athletic build. He wore a black hoodie, and over that, a distinctive denim vest.

The vest had designs on it that include a drawing of a tiger head, and the words, 'crazy tiger fighter' on the back.

Based on the victim's description, detectives were able to find the item online. Two officers went to Houston on Thursday to a store where similar vests were sold, looking for leads to identify who bought them.

Alerts were sent out to residents of the complex, warning them to stay inside at night, to lock the doors, and walk in groups after dark. Some noticed that female students are walking together in the evening, rather than by themselves.

Police don't know if the suspect lives in Huntsville, but believe he is familiar with the area. Anyone with information on his identity can report anonymously to Huntsville Crime Stoppers, and qualify for a reward, by calling 936-294-9494.
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