New caramel M&M hits store shelves

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Got a sweet tooth? If so, get ready to rush to the store to grab a bag of M&M's new caramel candy.

The iconic brand updated one of its most popular flavors by putting soft caramel in a candy-coated shell.

The new flavor hit store shelves nationwide on Thursday.

With all the excitement, there is one observation that people have made.

If you look at the packaging closely, you might notice a detail that some are saying is "awkward" or "sinister."

While the red and yellow M&M have big smiles on their faces, their orange buddy is being torn apart to expose the caramel filling. Brutal, right?

It wasn't a mistake by M&M, but there was someone out there who happened to notice it and of course, had to point it out for all of the internet.

We're sure that won't stop people from buying the candy.

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