Five things you can find at the drugstore cheaper than grocery stores

Have you ever run into the drugstore to grab just a couple of things because you don't want to go to the grocery store?

These are five items that are generally cheaper at the drugstore or a better value.

  1. Dairy
    People always need milk and eggs. Drugstores tend to have lower prices to get you in the door, so you'll buy other stuff.

  2. Cereal
    There always seem to be sales at the drugstore so stock up!

  3. Nuts

    Many drugstores have their own brands and they're cheaper than brands at the grocery store.

  4. Personal care products
    Things like shampoo, soap and toothpaste are cheaper. Drugstores put them on sale pretty frequently.

  5. Makeup
    You may think prices are higher at drugstores, but keep in mind drugstores also always have sales like buy one, get one half off. On top of those sales, join a store's reward program to save even more.
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