How to check bayou levels in Harris County during heavy rainfall

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How to check bayou levels where you live
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When the rain starts coming down, we start to think about flooding and bayous out of their banks. This is how you can check what they look like where you live.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- If you live near a creek or bayou, it's important to keep tabs on the water levels when severe weather strikes.

Check bayou and rainfall levels in your neighborhood

The Harris County Flood Control District has online tools to help you monitor the situation near you in real-time.

Rainfall Total Map - This tool allows you to check the rainfall totals for varying amounts of time, from 15 minutes to two days.

You can also customize it by going to the left hand side of the screen under Map View Options. That is where you can choose to look at the watersheds and rainfall totals.

A little further down, you can also choose to view sites by agency, such as Fort Bend County, Friendswood and Mont Belvieu.

Sites by location allows you to specifically choose an area if you don't want to view the map as a whole. Just click the drop down menu and search. For example, you can see the site for Brays Bayou at Rice Avenue or Clear Creek at I-45.

Bayou Flood Gauge - Residents can track water levels in creeks and bayous around the greater Houston area, not restricted to Harris County. The waterways are equipped with dozens of sensors that are capable of tracking water levels in near-real time.

The tool also has a record of water levels during historical storms to help residents gauge how high the water really is.

Remember that you can subscribe to receive real-time alerts from Harris County, but you'll need to either log in or register first.

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