Only one Sears Appliance and Hardware store left in Texas after Katy store closes

KATY, Texas (KTRK) -- Sears Appliance and Hardware Store in Katy announced it is closing soon on its Facebook page.

The store, located at 649 South Mason Rd., offers a range of tools and equipment, from tools to cooking appliances, washers and dryers, and more.

After the Sears Holding Company filed for bankruptcy in October, the store posted a message on Facebook, saying, "Today's announcement that Sears (SHC - Sears Holding Company) has filled bankruptcy is sad news for America's once largest retailer. With that being said, we (the Sears Home Appliance Showrooms, Sears Appliance & Hardware Stores and Sears Outlets are a different and unique company. We are part of the Sears Hometown & Outlet company (NASDAQ: SHOS). We spun off from SHC back in 2012 to create our own brand within our community."

The store further stated customers will soon be seeing TV ads with #IOwnThisPlace branding.

That guarantee did not last long, as the store posted Jan. 17 it was officially closing and everything must go.

With the closure, the Huntsville location will be the only remaining Sears Appliance and Hardware store in Texas.

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