SCAM ALERT: Driver says man claimed to be mechanic in 'wobbly' tire scam

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Driver says man claimed to be mechanic in 'wobbly' tire scam. (KTRK)

During a Sunday afternoon drive on the Southwest Freeway, Trung Vo says a man pulled around him and started yelling to get his attention.

Vo said the man told him there was something wrong with his tire.

"He was like your wheel is shaking, your wheel is shaking," said Vo.

He pulled over and the man followed, with a woman and children in a truck. The man told Vo there was something wrong with his tire but a mechanic named, Angel, and could help.

"He told me to get in the car and step on the brake, he was being all dramatic telling me there is something wrong," Vo said.

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Driver believes he was scammed on the Southwest Freeway.

He said Angel pulled out a part and said he had the part needed that fell out of his tire.

"I believed him because he had his kids...two little girls and a boy," said Vo.

Vo said the man asked to be paid $400 for the part, so he drove to an ATM to withdraw the money.

"I feel like I got played," Vo added.

As Vo left, he said he got an uneasy feeling and believes he had been scammed. He's filed an HPD report and shared his dashcam video.

He said he never saw the man use any tools.

"He had all the lines and his kids were with him. At one point, the kids said the car isn't shaking anymore. He was like four, teaching him to do bad stuff already," said Vo.
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