17-year-old girl shot while praying in her bedroom in southwest Harris County

ByStefania Okolie KTRK logo
Thursday, November 8, 2018
Girl grazed by bullet while praying, in southwest Harris County
Girl grazed by bullet while praying, in southwest Harris County.

A teen is recovering after deputies say she was shot in the arm while praying in her southwest Harris County home.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office says this happened around 11 p.m. Monday at the 14400 block of Rio Bonito.

Kimberly Mendoza, 17, spoke only to ABC13, telling her she had just knelt down for her nightly prayer.

A 17-year old girl was grazed by a bullet while praying on her bed.

Mendoza recalled, "I feel something but I don't realize what happened."

The bullet had come through the wall behind her and grazed her arm, which was lying across her bed during her prayers. The bullet only missed the back of her head by inches.

Mendoza says she was asking God for strength when the bullet came flying through the wall. Today she tells ABC13 that she received something much greater -- her life was spared.

Deputies say they believe the bullet was fired from an apartment complex near her home.

Mendoza was taken to the hospital and treated for her injury.

No arrests have been made, but deputies say this situation could have been a lot worse if the girl had not been kneeling.

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